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People move themselves or their loved ones into nursing homes for various reasons. Some may decide to live in assisted living for the social aspect or it may be a necessity due to a medical reason. Whatever the reason, moving into an assisted living facility can be very complicated to figure out the cost and payment options. Consulting with an estate planning attorney who has experience with Medicaid, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities is a wise step in planning for this transition.

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It is never too early to think about long-term care planning. Even if you or your loved one is not ready to move into a nursing home facility, it is a good idea to start thinking about a plan to pay for an extended nursing home stay and protect your assets from Medicaid’s financial requirements.

You may consider how you're going to pay for a nursing home or assisted living facility. Unfortunately, it is not always a simple answer. An experienced Medicaid planning and estate planning attorney can help you figure out a plan.

What is Medicaid? How Can Medicaid Help Pay for a Nursing Home or Assisted Facility Living?

Medicaid is a government assistance public health insurance program available to families and individuals with income below a certain dollar amount. It is one of the most common ways people in the United States pay for assisted living and long-term care. Medicaid is available nationwide, but it is administered differently in each state.

In Louisiana, Medicaid does not currently automatically provide financial assistance to individuals to help pay for the cost of assisted living facilities. However, that doesn't mean there isn't hope. In Louisiana, there is a benefit called Monitored In-Home Caregiving available under the Community Choices Waiver (CCW). For people with low income and limited financial resources, Medicaid may pay for nursing home care. To discuss this type of care arrangement, consult an experienced estate planning and Medicaid attorney to find out more and how the laws and regulations may apply in your situation.

It Is Never Too Early To Talk About Medicaid Planning

Another type of care that may be covered and available in Louisiana is Monitored In-Home Caregiving (MIHC). In this type of arrangement, a family member or a friend is paid by the CCW program to provide care to the loved one in the loved one’s home. The caregiver must move into the loved one’s home and an arrangement loosely based on the adult foster care framework is established. There are strict rules for the caregiver, so it is important if you are considering this type of arrangement to consult with an experienced attorney who has counseled clients on this topic before.

There is a waiting list to be approved for these types of Medicaid waiver care arrangements. As an experienced Medicaid and nursing home attorney, I can guide you through the process of getting on this list and securing all of the necessary approvals.

The Law Offices of Charles Bull is located in Welsh, Louisiana, and I am here to help people in Welsh, Lake Charles, Lafayette, Crowley, Jennings, and Iowa create a plan to help pay for assisted living, nursing homes, and navigate the complicated Medicaid system to help pay for care.

Medicaid & Nursing Home
Planning Attorney in Welsh, Louisiana

Creating an estate plan for your or your loved one to incorporate a plan for asset protection from Medicaid and Nursing Home costs is a crucial step. At the Law Offices of Charles Bull, I can walk you through this important process and strive to see your wishes are protected.